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While we love our long time running buddies, we are always looking to welcome new ones to the fold and our rider athletes are always happy to cross the finish line with new faces. Thank you for your interest in running with Team Hoyt VB. Although it is an incredibly rewarding experience to run with Team Hoyt VB, we do need you to know it carries a few responsibilities as well. Our rider athletes are counting on you to help them be a part of this race. .


Required Forms:

Once you are a part of the team, simply CHOOSE YOUR RACES  that you would like to participate in, and let us know via the links and information on our event calendar page. That's it! 



  • Download and print the background check forms (links on page) for Child Protective Services and Criminal/Sex Offender Registry. These are forms Team Hoyt VB submits to the appropriate agencies to ensure the safety of our runner and rider athletes. For more detailed information regarding the purpose of the background checks and what would prevent someone from being accepted as a member of the team, please see the TEAM HOYT VB Policy statement (link on page). If you have been convicted of any of the offenses listed on the policy statement, you will not be permitted to run with or join the team. Please read the policy (link on page) prior to submitting payment or the forms to ensure your eligibility prior to sending us your registration materials.

  • Fill out BOTH background check forms and have your signature notarized by a notary. You can find notaries at banks, mailbox stores, or the Courthouse. You MUST send the original form and not a copy or a fax to Team Hoyt VB. We will forward the forms to the proper agencies and receive the results.When filling out the forms, in the blank asking to whom results should be sent, you may write in Team Hoyt VB Legal, c/o Bretta Lewis, Esq., or you may leave it blank for stamping. On the blank where it asks for the purpose of the background check, you may check OTHER and write in Volunteer Team Hoyt VB. Do not fill out payment information on the forms or send payment or the forms to the agencies. Send the completed forms to Team Hoyt VB Legal c/o Bretta Lewis, Esq., 1397 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451.

  • Download and sign the RUNNER WAIVER (link on page). You may fax the completed form to (757) 491-6260 or mail it to Team Hoyt VB Legal. It is NOT necessary to send the original form of this waiver, but you may mail it if you like.

  • Write a check for $70.00 to Team Hoyt VB. The $70.00 payment covers the cost of your jersey, both background checks, and registration with the Team for the year. In the memo line of the check, please include your email address so that we may put you on our distribution list, send you information about events and make sure you have race day instructions.

  • Send the original notarized background check forms along with the check for $70.00 to Team Hoyt VB Legal c/o Bretta Lewis, Esq.,
    1397 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451.

  • You must register on your own for the races in which you are participating and let me know as soon as you have done so.  On registration forms, look for a Team Hoyt VB division or put (Team Hoyt VB) in parentheses after your name.

    Please note: If you are having a problem downloading any of the forms, please email to alert us to the problem so that we may fix it.



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