Q. I can't participate by riding or running in all of the races can I still participate?

A. Life is hectic. We understand. Even if you can only run in one race a year, we would still love to have you. We can't express how rewarding it is to ride or run during an event...to hear the cheer of the crowd or see the smile in the stroller up ahead. If you have the opportunity, seize it! Just make sure that you have filled out the proper paper work and have been cleared, whether you are running or riding with us.


Q. Are there any age or weight requirements to participate as a rider with Team Hoyt VB?


A. Nope! We have quite the fleet of strollers and have learned (after a few tweaked wheels along the course) what riders to put in which strollers to give everyone—from our riders to our runners—the best experience possible. We would love to have your child or young adult participate and feel the power of Yes, You Can! And we will work around any concerns or limitations you or they may have.



Q.  I'm a runner, do I find a rider or do you pair one with me?

A.  You can provide your own rider if you have a disabled family member or friend who wants to race.  You can also request a pairing for a specific rider.  Otherwise, you will be paired with a rider that is an appropriate weight, gender and/or needs for you.  The goal is to provide you with a rider that you will be physically able to push for the duration of the event.
Q.  I don’t have a chair/jogger—are those provided?

A.  Team Hoyt VB will provide all equipment for the rider to participate.  Some riders have personal chairs that they will bring to the event.
Q.  Who needs to actually sign up for the race?  The runner, the rider, or both?

A.  All runners need to sign up and register for the event with the race organizer.  We have made great relationships with the race organizers in this area, they allow our riders to participate for free.  Some events require that the riders be registered for insurance purposes.  For example, all J&A racing events require riders to be registered.
Q.  Will my rider receive a number and/or medal at the end of the race?

A.  Yes, all riders will receive a medal (if provided by the race) and any of the swag.  Since the riders are not required to register, they do not usually receive a t-shirt or any of the expo or pre-race gear.  If the rider is required to register for the event, they will be issued a bib to have on the course.
Q.  A couple of friends are interested in running alongside me and my rider on race day—do they also need to do the background checks provided on the TH website? How does that work (see question about corrals.)

A.  To ensure the safety of our rider athletes, THVB only permits cleared runners to push our rider athletes during race events.  If you have friends running in the race, they will need to start in their specific corral.  They can catch you during the race and run alongside you during the event.  Family members of the rider are the exception to this, they are permitted to start with the team.
Q.  Where do I go on race day?

A.  Race instructions are sent out to the team several days before the race event.  The instructions provide details about weather for race day, parking, packet pickup, location of the trailer and staging area, pre-race details and a specific schedule of events for the race morning.  You will also have a specific contact person for each race and his/her phone number if you have questions race morning. 

Q.  What is race morning like?

A.  The emailed instructions will give you a timeline for the flow of events.  After your park, locate the trailer at the race venue and check in with the event race director.  He/She will need your bib number if you are a runner or will issue you a rider bib if you are a rider athlete (if required for the event).  Next, you get your chair from the trailer or assist with building the chair.  We will have some videos soon.  Then find your pairing for the race and get your chair set up with drinks, snacks, radios or other gear.  Have the rider athlete strap in and positioned comfortably.  We usually have a team picture before the event and go over last minute details for the race and then head for the start line. 

Q.  How do I know the chair will fit?

A.  Team Hoyt VB has a variety of race chairs to fit a range of rider athletes bases on weight, size and specific special needs.  There are several therapists on our team who will check the fit of the rider to the chair and provide positioning aids if needed.
Q.  Is there a Team Hoyt corral, or do we run in the corral corresponding to our time?

A.  Team Hoyt VB usually starts at the front of the race field to allow the chairs to space out on the course. This allows the runners to pass us on the course safely.  During triathlon events, we start often start in the elite/first wave.
Q.  I’m nervous because I have never run a race pushing a rider. Will I be grouped with a more experienced runner? If so, will that person also be pushing someone, or will they be able to help me push my rider?

A.  For your first race, you will be paired with a veteran runner to run with.  Depending on the number of riders for a specific event, the veteran runner may be pushing another rider athlete alongside you or sharing the work with you.  You can pair up with other runners for events to push as a team if you like.
Q.  I usually see Team Hoyt runners wearing red shirts. Are those provided? Are they provided for the runner, the rider, or both?  

A.  We provide a tech Team Hoyt VB jersey for all runners that join the team.  We have many styles of jerseys from tanks to long sleeve.  You can purchase other Team Hoyt VB gear from the trailer, or you can have custom gear created for you from Jenny Dugan.  We have cotton t-shirts for riders athletes and are working on providing jerseys/gear.


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